We develop strategies of web marketing and social media marketing with analysis of your business, target and competition to provide you with the best results. Content strategy and SEO for the best ranking on search engines.

The Internet is the main source of answers to the world and people rely on it continuously to get immediate and reliable answers to their questions.

Terms such as SEO and search engine rankings, social networking campaigns, or YouTube videos, eMail Marketing and eCommerce have become part of the common jargon, but often we lose sight of the focal point ... but why should I invest money in these things?
Because from the night of time, business has grown thanks to advertising and word passage and today the world is on the net. If I want to increase the number of people coming from my shop door and I want my phone to ring for budget requests, the net is the best place where all this can happen!

Business Promotion

  How to increase your business.

The first thing that needs to be clear is that there are no magic formulas but there are strategies; the second is that every type of activity has its own specific type of competitors, a way people search for information or buy that type of product and each one is aimed at a different type of audience.

Let's take a practical example so you can better understand what we mean by "Strategy". We consider two types of completely different activities, such as a metalworker and a hairdresser, both wanting to increase their profits and get in touch with new potential customers. The first one would work on the content of its website to position itself better on search engines and search through an email campaign to contact and schedule appointments with companies interested in metalware products.
The hairdresser might consider starting a series of sponsored posts on social networks, perhaps linked to a promotion once a week such as "every first Thursday of the month cut and bend for only 30 €" and targeting their own posts to a public of only women, aged between 25 and over and who live in a 20-mile radius from his shop. Why? Also because positioning herself first in search engines with the word "hairdresser" is a utopia, would require enormous capitals and would yield almost useless results ... while the metal mechanic would slip its money out of the window with a social campaign and what should post? "a mechanical tear at only 90,000.00 € to the top 5 that they call"? Worthlessly useless if not ridiculous.

  A marketing strategy for each one.

To develop an effective marking strategy, it's useless to fool around on the fact that everyone has a profile on Facebook and know what a post is, because what we are talking about is quite different. A marketing strategy starts with the analysis of 4 major factors:

  • Analyze your business to focus all the points on and off, the types of services and products you offer as well as your needs.
  • Competitors' analysis of who you go to fight? Who are they? In what they are best and where they are missing.
  • Target audience analysis of people you are addressing, are you a hardware store and you address mainly professionals or aesthetic center and your customers are for 85% female?
  • Analyzing the tools that can allow you to get maximum results and minimal investment. PayPerClick campaign, Facebook and Instagram-sponsored postings or sending newsletters?
Search Engine Optimization
Google Adwords

  Understanding if the investment is bearing fruit.

Regardless of the kind of marketing strategy you are going to follow, there are tools to measure the performance of a campaign that allows you to constantly monitor the performance of your investments. In this way we can also correct the method or the target of our campaigns based on the responses we receive from people who are looking for services or products like yours.
Each type of activity naturally collides with a certain density of competition and is addressed to a list of people with different commitments, interests and habits and for this reason it must always be taken into account that every web marketing campaign needs an initial evaluation period. of the audience to which it refers and the type of media that you are using.

Google Analytics, Goggle Adwords, Control panels of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram have insights measuring instruments of the degree of response in time real and allow a precise assessment of active investments.