Design agency and development of visual communication such as brand identity, photo retouching, advertising graphics and publishing.

Design is Communication.

The communication regards to both the daily situations that the context of advertising and public relations and is the creative potentialities of the human being to assign meanings to everything, creating the communication system with its two fundamental characteristics: the imagination and the creation of symbols.
Giordano Designer is a graphic agency that includes web design, motion graphic and photo retouching as tools of visual communication, that is the transmission of a message through images.
The image communication allows to reach the maximum communicative effect in the shortest possible time, thanks to its strong power of recall, its often immediate comprehension and ease storage.
It can be done through various means such as writing, graphics, video and painting.
For example, designing a powerful brand awareness leads to a unique brand is able to survive in the market much more than the product itself.
Communicating allows us to interact with others and with ourselves and is the basis of our success in life.
The Communication does not take place only through a series of words placed in a certain order and is not wearing a mask.
We have several tools today to make known and promote our business and certainly the most used is the web, for this reason the creation of websites must be entrusted to a proffessionist understanding that in addition to a visual impact targeted to the type of product sector and customers there is the structure of the code and content that developed in an appropriate manner ensure that your business or service are perfectly identified by search engines.


Logo and Brand Design

From the logo that is the writing that usually represents a product, a service, a company or an organization. Typically it consists of a symbol or a version or graphical representation of a name or an acronym that provides for the use of a very precise lettering. It will derive from it a precise identity and that will identify everything that represents the company or person.

Web Development

The creation of websites is an operation that involves and merges different skills, the final product must be pleasant, easy to explore and clearly present its contents. In particular, today it is essential to be mobile friendy from all devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Speed and Elegance work in synergy.

Professional Photo Retouching

The photo retouching and the photo composition are the set of procedures that lead to the modification of a photograph, for the purpose of improving its aesthetics, modifying the subject, eliminating or adding details.
The processes, methods, results and abilities in the game vary depending on the destination. The most advanced level is known as Digital Art.

Graphic Design

Publishing and graphic design make use of visual art to capture the attention of users or in the process of transforming the ideas of a particular author into content accessible and available to everyone. Today, even in digital format that can be accessed through computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones and eBook readers.

Web Marketing

One of the basic questions of advertising is as follows: " does advertising work? " SEO and Indexing, Social Media Markering, Adwords PayPerClick campaigns and Display, Remarketing and Newsletter.
To answer this question is it necessary to first establish what is meant by effective advertising?

Motion Graphics

The right blend of audio and video stimulation allows you to create emotional states that involve viewers.
Dynamically support the layout of a website, make your windows lively and help explain certain steps in presentations at trade shows or conferences.


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