Animated graphics for corporate video production, online advertising banners and commercials.

Digital communication techniques, the right mix of audio and video stimulation allows the creation of emotional states that involve the spectators. Dynamically support the layout of a website, brighten up your windows and help explain certain steps in presentations at trade shows or conferences.

Giordano Designer Presentation

Design and development of websites, logos, brands, graphics, publishing, photo manipulation and photo retouching for advertising campaigns.

Web Agency Promo

Video advertising 35 sec. made for social media marketing campaign and as a sponsored post + Call To Action on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google.

Motion Graphic Posa Green Design

Animated graphics of the Posa Green Design logo based on the design concept of the garden, created for intro video tutorials and company presentations.

Animated Graphics Logo GD

Animation Giordano Designer logo based on animation tracks and shapes. Fluid movements created and developed with Adobe After Effects.

Logo Animation Leroy Merlin

Motion Graphic logo for internal services of synthetic grass sector. Developed as an introduction to company presentations and technical videos.

Graphic Studio Giordano Designer

Showreel 2013 as a presentation of our services. Graphic Studio, Website Creation, Photo Retouching and Multi Media.

Time-lapse video for Digital Art presentation.

We made short video demonstrations of about 60/90 seconds with the Time-lapse method for demonstration purposes. A look behind the scenes to the types of work and steps that lead to the realization of a surreal scene in digital, better known as Digital Art, compositing (photographic composition) or photo manipulation.

Photo Composition Doctor Office

I created this Digital Art for Matthew Mackay - New York, also part of this image. Photographic composition of about 15 photographs.


Image in Digital Art entitled "Reception" and entirely developed in post production with Photoshop using 9 images in a single scene.

The Storm

I created this image for Adobe Create, "Take Ten Contest" - Make a Masterpiece Edition. Make a piece of art by combining 10 images.

GD Logo Rendering 3D

3D rendering realized with Cinema 4D. I recreated this scenario in the mountains in digital linked to the passage of time over a gorno.

Digital Art Buddha Way

Digital image entirely inspired by the concept of Manga and Anime, the famous Japanese illustrations born at the beginning of the 50s.

Responsive Web Design

Graphic presentation of the basic concept of responsive websites that can be used perfectly by any mobile device.